Illegal Reentry

Once the federal government lawfully deports or removes a foreign national from the US, reentering without prior permission is a federal felony. 8 USC 1326. The offense is punishable by fine or imprisonment. However, prior criminal convictions can dramatically increase the severity of sentencing, possibly even triggering a long federal prison sentence under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Specifically, a prior conviction for an aggravated felony can increase the maximum term of imprisonment ten fold from two [2] to twenty [20] years.

Barner has handled a vast array of criminal charges in federal court, and has represented those charged with illegally reentering the US after removal and with prior criminal convictions. Whether it’s filing for a reduced sentence, holding the government to their burden, or exploiting a weakness in the government’s case, one should always hire an experienced lawyer who is licensed in federal court when charged with illegal reentry.

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